Famous German-Canadian People.

Around the world, every country has celebrities, famous people that are known in the same country or in other ones, they get famous in lots of areas, like acting, singing, writing, creating music, art pieces, or even in other ambits like the politics, inventions or activism. Canada and Germany have a lot of these people. […]

Canada & Germany: Commercial Relations

Nowadays Canada and Germany are two of the most powerful economies in all the world. These economies create strong commercial relations, that includes trade relations, investment, science and technologies. Canada being the second economy in America (just behind the United States) and Germany is now the biggest economy in Europe. In the European Union, Germany […]

Germany & Canada living: A Comparison

When you begin comparing countries in North America, it’s clear that The United States has lost the number one position to Canada. Not only is Canada richer when it comes to culture and natural beauties, but in most recent decades it has developed far greater than its English speaking neighbor to the south. During the […]

German immigration to Canada

There is no doubt whatsoever that nowadays Canada is in the world’s spotlight as being  one of the best countries to live. Currently, it is considered one of the wealthiest countries in the world and it is known for its quality of life. Especially regarding its healthcare, and welfare system. Not only that, Canada’s exports […]