In Canada, federal and provincial governments are jointly responsible for the framework conditions that support science, technology and innovation such as fiscal and tax systems, intellectual property rights, labour mobility,  policies shaping competition, and foreign investment and trade. Read more about the Canadian innovation system in the posts below:

Policy context

The most recent federal science and technology policy document, Mobilizing Science and Technology to Canada’s Advantage, was released in 2007 and provides a framework to guide Canada’s S&T policy. Read more


Canadian innovation system

Canada is a federation of ten provinces and three territories and the Canadian constitution specifies that provincial governments have exclusive responsibility for all levels of education, natural resources, and health. The federal government has responsibility for defence, foreign policy, communications, and citizenship. Read more


R&D investments & performers

Overall direct research expenditures in Canada were estimated to be worth $30.4 billion in 2013, which equals just under 2 percent of GDP. Read more



Canadian National and Regional Contact Points (NCPs) for Horizon 2020 Read more

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