Agenzia per la Promozione della Ricerca Europea


APRE, the Agency for the Promotion of European Research is a non-profit research organization endorsed by more than 100 members, including both private and public universities, research organisations, industries, corporate associations and banks.

Since its launch in 1990, APRE provides the Italian system with information, support and training (see the “our servicies” page for further information) regarding  the EU Framework Programmes (FP) for Research and Innovation (i.e. FP7 with a budget of approximately € 54 billion and time span 2007-2013 and future Programme Horizon 2020 with a time span: 2014-2020).

APRE was created as a joint initiative of the Italian Ministry of Research and the European Commission in 1989 in order to foster Italian participation in EU Research and Innovation programmes.

Currently, APRE hosts all Italian National Contact Points (NPCs) for the EU’s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) for Research & Innovation.  Over the last 20 years, APRE has consolidated numerous relations with the most relevant Italian, European and international research organisations and institutions.

APRE has also developed sound cooperation networks with R&I support organizations as well as with business entities and industries. Thanks to expertise gained, APRE has also been able to target and strengthen activities so as to respond to fast-growing demand for information and services of the Italian scientific and industrial system.

APRE’s headquarters is located in Rome. APRE also fully benefits from a well-established network of 17 regional helpdesks throughout the national territory, and from the activities of the EU Liaison Office in Brussels (/apre-bruxelles/english-version) alike.

In ERA-Can+ APRE inheres the coordinator’s role and is responsible for a great variety of tasks including the organisation of various events and the online helpdesk, the creation of an information video, the Horizon 2020 Guide for Canadians and… as well as the conduct of several analytical tasks reaching from studying Canadian FP7 participation, identifying innovation key players and preparing a feasibility study for a Joint Member State Liaison Office in Canada.

ERA-Can+ team at APRE:

  • Martina De Sole
  • Aurelie Pachkoff-Singh
  • Miriam de Angelis
  • Sabrina Bozzoli
  • Daniela Mercurio
  • Katia Insogna
  • Gloria Peasso
  • Elena Maffia