Global Affairs Canada


Canada is a world leader in science, technology and innovation, and is recognized as one of the most innovative and competitive economies in the world. Global Affairs Canada has the responsibility for foreign policy and diplomacy, international trade promotion and trade policy, and international development and humanitarian assistance. Through its worldwide presence, Global Affairs Canada connects Canadian innovators to a global network of qualified contacts and partners, helps businesses commercialize, source technology and talent, highlight financial support through various funding mechanisms, and facilitate international R&D partnerships.  In addition, Global Affairs Canada also manages Canada’s portfolio of eight treaty-level international science and technology agreements (including one with the European Union), as well as also assumes specialized roles that include the Canada-EU ICT National Contact Point (NCP) and NCP coordinating responsibilities.

Global Affairs Canada has been a member of ERA-Can, a joint initiative of the European Commission and the Government of Canada, for over six years creating linkages for innovators by helping them gain access to research and innovative opportunities in the European Union through the ERA-Can project.  As a partner in the ERA-Can+ , Global Affairs is providing on-going intelligence to Canadians on the various opportunities to engage with Horizon 2020.

Team for ERA-Can+

  • Debbie Kemp