Zentrum für Soziale Innovation


The Centre for Social Innovation (ZSI) is an independent scientific institution which deploys socio-scientific research, education, advisory and networking services. Its department for research and development pools experts for scholarly methods to gather scientific inputs for evidence-based policy and well experienced project managers in the field of international science, technology and innovation cooperation. As such, the organisation’s expertise includes the implementation of FP7 projects and related analysis. A core competence is the development of knowledge about research and innovation (systems, indicators and measurement, networks, actors, funding, communication, impacts etc.), its communication towards the political and public sphere and its operationalisation – among others – within FP7 INCO projects. Having been involved in the realization of projects on the interface between research and application since the 4th framework programme, ZSI benefits from its current involvement in various INCO projects in many regions of the world, i.e. related networks and experiences.

In the context of the ERA-Can+ Project ZSI is responsible for communication and dissemination of project results.

Team at ZSI for ERA-Can+

  • Isabella Wagner
  • Elke Dall
  • Stefan Philipp